Know it! Live it! Play it!

Bible Battles Trading Card Game brings The Old Testament to life with over 500 unique cards from six of the ancient nations. This original and exciting game offers great family fun, and also provides a unique educational tool to help children and adults alike learn about the amazing people and relive the stories from thousands of years ago.Ever wonder what it would be like to have King David defend Jerusalem from a horde of Babylonian Chariots? How about having Emperor Augustus lead massive Roman armies in an assault against the Assyrian Fortress of Assur?

Can you remember Jael’s Bravery? Who was Barak? To which nation did King Debir belong? Find out by playing Bible Battles Trading Card Game. Whether you just enjoy collecting trading cards for the original artwork, or enjoy a challenging strategy card game, this is the game for you.

Click here to download a PDF file that shows all 500 cards