How important is a well balanced starting hand?

October 29, 2011 at 7:14 pm | Strategy

While having a well balanced opening hand is favorable in any game of this type, the followers do have the ability to defend themselves with an attack value of 1 and defense of 2.  These stats allow the followers to survive a few rounds if your opponent has an 1/1 army card that can attack by round 3.  The fact that you can stack defenders helps deal out more damage as well.  There are numerous cities in the set that only require 1 effort to bring into play and that helps on the defense.  Non land and building cards can be moved into or out of cities/fortresses without the loss of a turn unless the city/fortress is under siege.  Even though Followers cannot build while inside a city or fortress, you can move them out at the beginning of your turn to bring food/other defending armies into play.