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If you are like us at, we fight an endless battle (pun intended) with our children to do three things…

1. UNPLUG!!!!

Unplug from the television… Unplug from the ipod… Unplug from the ipad… Unplug from the cellphone (not plugged in but you get the point)… Unplug from all of it and do something constructive!

2. Turn off the Video Games!

Our kids want to spend all their time playing video games. Many of these games rely on explosions, fighting, or other provocative material to make things especially interesting to our children with very little thought needed to “succeed” in the game.

3. Spend more time with your Bible!

Handing the kids a bible and telling them to start reading really doesn’t work, but we want these kids to spend time in the Word…

Bible Battles Trading Card Game was developed by Christian parents to help Christian parents succeed in these three areas. Here is our strategy for success broken into age groups…

Ages 5-8 Capture their attention

Kids love cards. Lets face it… they don’t have iphones (yet). Older folks had baseball cards. After that, they had Garbage Pail Kids. More recently, kids collect and play Pokemon, Magic, and other strange fantasy card games. Bible Battles Trading Card Game provides professionally designed, artistically crafted images of Old Testament figures that will amaze and enlighten our little saints. Children learn the names… then start asking questions. They will come to you to look up these “characters” in the bible. My 6 year old loved the cards first… then she wanted to learn about what they meant. Enjoy!

Ages 9-12 Engage their imagination

Kids love cards. If you read the above paragraph you will see that this is restated here, but it is still true. Now, though, there is a greater appreciation for content. The artwork is still interesting and engaging, but children in this age range want to know more about what the cards say and how that relates to other cards. They are not ready for the expert strategy game but can begin understanding how to play and can appreciate how the cards tie together in an overall story that they themselves can craft.

Ages 13+ Feed their minds and spirits

Teenagers seem to gravitate to chaos. They need an outlet that will feed their minds and spirits, but in our opinion, this is an important time to direct this energy into a positive place. Any time spent with the Word will be of great benefit to them and it seems like you almost need a way to trick them into it. Bible Battle Trading Card Game can be that outlet. Through each battle that is crafted and each army that is formed, your teen is learning about the bible and important people and places from the Old Testament. Your teen will be thinking with mind and spirit to strategically play a game that reinforces biblical principles on each card and with interlying and overall themes.

We feel certain that your child/teen will love this product. So certain, we offer a 100% money back guarantee for your purchase. If you are not satisfied, return the product in original packaging within two weeks and receive back the full amount of your purchase (does not include shipping and handling).

So, what are you waiting for… ORDER YOURS HERE and GOD BLESS!