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Pastors, youth group leaders, and Priests…

Bible Battles Trading Card Game will provide kids/teens in your church with a creative outlet… while learning the Bible. What could be better?

Have you struggled relating Biblical teaching to your techno-crazed teens? Does reading seem to be a lost art with your youth group?

We at Bible Battles have created a game that reinforces biblical characters with real biblical situations. Each card tells a story and has a biblical verse reference to draw the player to the biblical back story. Each card is an opportunity to learn… an opportunity to study… an opportunity to cut off the TV and internet and reconnect with the power of God’s Word… Oh! But, pastor, we are having fun! The game aspect of Bible Battles will intrigue your young ones and challenge your old ones… oh, and it will be a challenge to you too. Think you know all of the Old Testament characters? Do you remember why they are important? Well, I wonder if you know how to build an army of followers so that you can gain enough wisdom to be victorious over your adversaries? Know it! Live it! Play it!

So, what are you waiting for… ORDER YOURS HERE and GOD BLESS!